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Cultural Program

At Eagledancer Youth & Family Services, we recognize the importance of cultural identity and heritage. Our Cultural Enrichment Program is designed to celebrate diversity and empower young individuals to connect with their roots. Through traditional classes, language instruction, cultural activities, and more, we help youth explore and honor their cultural backgrounds. This program fosters a deep sense of pride and belonging, nurturing self-confidence and cultural awareness. By embracing their heritage, youth gain a strong foundation that enriches their identity and prepares them to thrive in today's diverse world.

  • Exploring Roots: Weekly classes offer a profound exploration of cultural heritage, connecting youth to their origins.

  • Preserving Language and Tradition: Learning traditional language and customs is a crucial step in preserving cultural identity.

  • Guidance from Experts: Experienced instructors impart cultural and language knowledge with authenticity and depth.

  • Connecting with History: Delve into the history of tribes and ethnic backgrounds, fostering pride and understanding.

  • Creative Expression: Traditional song, dance, crafts, and trades offer avenues for creative and cultural expression.

  • Honoring Traditions: Participation in traditional ceremonies and events fosters a deeper connection to ancestral practices.

  • Community Empowerment: We aim for our clients to return to their communities with skills and knowledge to contribute positively and strengthen their tribes.

Through our Cultural Enrichment Program, children and youth not only develop self-esteem and identity but also gain the tools to be successful community members. By fostering cultural pride and empowerment, we prepare our clients to make enduring contributions to their tribes and communities, enriching their lives and the lives of others.



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